We steer the wheel. North then East then South to West.

Meeting place - The Last Shadow Puppets


Mermaid with waterlilies
french postcard, ca 1900

Cappricorn Femme


Mermaid with waterlilies

french postcard, ca 1900

Cappricorn Femme

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#space #Gift

#space #Gift


The embers of your last depart
Catch the wind that carries us over
The ash and sparks have all gone now
From the isle of our hearts.
The mines are empty now
And the Coal washed off our cheeks
For we board now for foreign lands
wearing Sweaters that our mothers made.
When we wake up far away from
 our eyes still long for thee
Trading company for hope
 of days that pass over
Telling the swans story
The sea will wash over
Our distant memmories
For we have departed with the great
Calls of truth in our blood 
And heads of our families heald. 
Hear the song of longing
Grace be with the ship
For no trade is worth thy home
Of our fair children.


Ingenue or Femme Fatal
Duality of female Devinity

Experimental Discovery

Ultimatley, love changes, time changes, space changes and if there is a point in which you reach a limit it is not beyond but within. You set these bars.
Through the trials and tribulations of an average band the learning curve with meta mechanics is that you can’t go beyond the state of what you are.
To be in a state of constant wonder leaves the physical body in a state of desperation.
When trying to figure out the mystery you become left in the dark 
The Only constant is change and the only choice is addapt with positivity or abandon. 

Imagination proves to be nothing without action. And if you are passionate but not pouring your heart out the system will not be nourtured. Instead stifled by unsatisfaction instead of basking in the abundance of the present. 
If you can relate, practice with me to knock down the walls with communication and align your barriers with openness.

The relationships held and enjoyed in such dynamics will be ultimatley life long. People you not only become close to but reveal apart of you that you have given them light that they can walk forward with. Give and take though, the course of action is to walk foward with the reminders of their light. 

Walking on the path of redemtion and recovery must be supplied with beleif and emotional peace. 
"Love is not about possession Love is about apreciation" -Rumi